invite to take part in the

XXXVІII International Scientific and Practical Conference

«Actual Problems of Modern Science»

(Kharkiv — Vienna — Berlin — Astana)

January 30, 2019

The aim of the conference in to discuss and find solutions of problems of modern sciense, to establish contacts between young scientists from different countries, to exchange by research experience and publication of research results.

For participation in conference are invited: graduate students, doctoral candidates, competitors, students, teachers, scientists.

Sections of the conference
Section 1. Architecture. Section 13. Social communications.
Section 2. Biological sciences. Section 14. Sociological sciences.
Section 3. Geographical sciences. Section 15. Technical science.

Section 4. Public administration.

Section 16. Pharmaceutical sciences.

Section 5. Historical sciences.

Section 17. Physical and mathematical sciences.
Section 6. Cultural science. Section 18. Physical training and sport.
Section 7. Medical sciences. Section 19. Philological sciences.
Section 8. Art criticism. Section 20. Philosophical sciences.
Section 9. National security. Section 21. Chemical sciences.
Section 10. Pedagogical sciences. Section 22. Economic sciences.
Section 11. Psychological sciences. Section 23. Jurisprudence.
Section 12. Agricultural sciences. Section 24. Other.

Official languages are Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, Polish, French.

Form of participation in conference: remote, by discussion of articles on the website of the Publishing house «Internauka».

Following the results of carrying out conference all scientific practices will be published in the book of abstracts (with the support of colleagues from the City of Vienna). The collections will be assigned the UDC, BBK, and copyright marks, as well as the digital identifier DOI. Materials will be placed on the website of the Publishing house «Internauka».

Each author will be sent a pdf-version of the abstract and a certificate of the participant of the European conference (in electronic form). The authors have the opportunity to order a printed copy of the collection, with the certificate of the participant of the conference will be sent free of charge. Also, authors can submit an application for inclusion in the register of participants of scientific topics, and will be included in the report on the scientific topic. In this case, the authors are issued a certificate of participation in a scientific topic.

Schedule of the conference
Date of the event January 30, 2019
Deadline of receiving materials January 30, 2019
The publication of materials on the official website of the
Publishing house «Internauka»
Till February 7, 2019
Mailing of pdf-version of conference materials and
Till February25, 2019
Mailing of the printed version of collections and certificates Till March 10, 2019

It is necessary for participation (to term a deadline):

1. To fill in the application for participation (coauthors fill in one demand).

2. To send electronic option of materials and information on payment of an organizational contribution to the address:

  • After receiving materials, within 3 working days the Secretariat will send confirmation and requisites for payment.
  • In case of confirmation non receipt — it is necessary to direct repeatedly materials and to contact the organizing committee (in the written or telephone modes).
Size of an organizational contribution
Payment currency
200,00 700,00 12,00 Theses to 5 pages
15,00 50,00 1,00 Each subsequent page

*The organizational contribution covers the following expenses:

  1. Reviewing and placement of article on the website of the International Scientific Journal «Internauka» for discussion.
  2. Mailing of PDF-version of collections and certificates of conferees in electronic form.
Paid additionally (at the request of the author)
Payment currency
140,00 1200,00 20,00 Printing collection and post sending
490,00 1200,00 20,00 Assignment to article of the identifier of digital object of DOI
350,00 900,00 15,00 Certificate of participation in a scientific topic

Requisites for payment of an organizational contribution are sent after obtaining by organizing committee theses and filling demand online.


Theses have to be executed on a hot topic, contain the results of independent research issued according to the established requirements:

~ Volume of theses: no more than 5 pages at an A4 page format (297х210 mm), orientation — book. Each subsequent page at the publication is estimated at a rate of 15 griven/50rub/1 in $ for 1 piece.

~ Fields: all fields of 25 mm;

~ Font: Times New Roman, a size — 14, a line spacing — 1,5 style — Normal; Use of a font of the smaller size (10 points) for text sites which have auxiliary (minor) value Is allowed.

~ Alignment of the text: on width.

~ Paragraph space: 1,25.

~ Numbering of pages: it isn't conducted.

~ Drawings and tables: It is necessary to give in article after the text where they are mentioned for the first time or on the following page. Size of the tabular text 12, interval 1. Digital material moves in the table which has serial number and alignment on the right side (for example, of Tablitsa1) and the name (it is printed over the table in the middle a bold-face type. Drawing has to be uniform graphic object (i.e., grouped). Format of tables and drawings the book. ~ Formulas: have to be gathered by means of the editor of formulas (the internal editor of formulas Microsoft Word for Windows).

~ Links to literature in the text need to be submitted in square brackets for example, [3, page 35; 8, page 56-59] in which the first figure indicates serial number of a source in the list of references, and the second — the corresponding page in this source; one source from another separates a semicolon. The bibliography is given in the end of theses under the heading «Literature».

~ Name of the file: the name of the file has to be in English, according to a surname of the author (for example: Kovalenko O.M).


1. Name of section: alignment on the right edge, a font: italics.

2. Surname and name, middle name: alignment on the right edge, a font: the semiboldface.

3. Academic degree, academic status, position, place of work (study): alignment on the right edge, a font: italics.

4. Name of theses: alignment on the center a font: semiboldface, all words capital letters (to ten words).

5. Text of theses.

6. Literature.

Example of design

Section: Regional economy


graduate student of chair of management

Lviv Academy of Commerce

Lviv, Ukraine


Text of theses


  1. Zakharova O. D. Theoretical aspects of definition of economic essence of the concept «regional system» in the context of regionalization of economy / O. D. Zakharova//Economy and management. — 2014. — No. 1. — Page 46-51.

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