About International Scientific Center

International Scientific Center is the officially registered scientific and innovative association. The main activity of International Scientific Center is solving of actual problems of modern science.

The main purpose of International Scientific Center is organizing, coordinating and conducting researches devoted to the problems of modern science.

There are such directions of International Scientific Center:

• organization, coordination and conducting researches devoted to different areas of science;

• involving talented young people including graduate students to conducting researches;

• support scientists during international economic programs and projects (including grants);

• support scientific relations with scientific and educational institutions concerning the organization and conducting scientific events (conferences, roundtables, seminars etc.);

• training (assistance in training) of scientific and pedagogical staff.

International Scientific Center brings together scientists, teachers of economic subjects, experts, employees of research institutions, graduate students, doctoral candidates and students.

There are such activity forms of International Scientific Center: conducting research, organization of scientific conferences, roundtables, scientific meetings and seminars concerning actual issues of modern science.